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Field Note: Horonobe

Betonite clay, sellofane, stainless steel, vitrified high level radioactive waste

23rd July, 2014. I write in a small apartment in Sapporo, Japan, it’s at least 30 degrees, the sun sets quickly and the traffic is relentless. Last night I came back from a two day field trip to the north of Hokkaido with a group of artists and activists as part of the Actinium project in Sapporo. The aim of the trip was to experience that mythical journey deep underground to see the engineering and geological research into radioactive waste storage.

Panning for Atomic Gold

John Gast, American Progress, circa 1872.

The Arts Catalyst presents: A day symposium of quests for sensory perceptions of deep time through atomic materials and nuclear culture. Celebrating 20 years of The Arts Catalyst; drawing from the Arts Catalyst Atomic exhibition (1998), and looking to future nuclear archives.  Curated by Ele Carpenter with The Arts Catalyst.

Saturday 17th May 2014

Nuclear Culture Reading Group

Andy Weir, Deep Time Contagion, 2012.

The Spring 2015 Nuclear Culture Reading group at Goldsmiths College will investigate how the nuclear affects our experience and perception of deep time within the Anthropocene from radioactive markers in the environment to geological waste storage. The sessions led by Ele Carpenter, include reading texts, films and artworks exploring radiation as a hyperobject, a material trace, a geological marker and semiotic challenge.

Visualising Radioactive Waste Storage

Posters by Cecile Massart. InSOTEC, Berlin 2013.

The InSOTEC Seminar on 'Rethinking what is Social and What is Technical in (Long term) Radioactive Waste Management' took place in Berlin, 12-13 November 2013. The first day included sessions on reversibility and retrievability, siting, demonstrating safety and technology transfer, as well as our panel on 'Visualising radioactive waste management as a socio-technical challenge' with myself, Ele Carpenter, and artists Lise Autogena and Cecile Massart.


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