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COAL Prize 2018

Autogena & Portway, Uranium Ore, Kvanefjeld

Lise Autogena, Joshua Portway and Ele Carpenter have been shortlisted for the COAL Prize 2018.
Museum of Hunting and Nature
62 rue des Archives
75003 Paris

Darwin Meets Einstein

Recently Frans W. Saris sent me some excerpts from his book, Darwin Meets Einstein: On the Meaning of Science, (Saris, 2009) published by Amsterdam University Press. Frans Saris is atomic and nuclear physicist and science writer in the Netherlands, and has contributed to the Dutch literary journal 'De Gids'. From 1972 - 1980 he worked part time at the Chalk River Nuclear Labs in Ontario Canada; and was Chairman of the board on the Energy-research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) 1996 - 2002.


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