Nuclear Culture Research Group Email List

The NUCLEAR-CULTURE-RESEARCH-GROUP email list is for artists, curators, and academics in the nuclear arts, humanities and sciences, as well as nuclear professionals, to share their research and opportunities around nuclear culture.

In this context ‘culture’ is defined as visual art objects, processes and behaviours such as the visual arts, live art, performing arts, socially-engaged, and media arts, and may include artists working with folk traditions and rituals. The term ‘nuclear’ is used to refer to the civilian energy and military weapons context to include the whole nuclear cycle from mining to geologic repository.

The list is currently restricted, so your subscription will need to be approved by the list owners, Gair Dunlop (DJCAD, University of Dundee) and Ele Carpenter (Goldsmiths University of London). This will help us to know who is on the list, and ensure that we don’t get any trolls or spam. Only subscribers can post to the list. Any emails sent to this list will be distributed to all subscribers of the list. The list archives are publically available through search engines.

The list aims to enhance research dialogues around curation, artistic production, collaboration with scientific colleagues and theory. Please ensure that your posts are courteous and informative, with links and references to projects and publications, as you cannot send attachments.

As a new member you will be invited to post a short paragraph to introduce yourself and your current research.

If you would like to join – please sign up here: