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Field Note 1: Sapporo

Photograph by Takashi Noguchi

Sapporo is a modern city on the Japanese north Island of Hokkaido founded in the Meiji period of Japan's modernization (1886-1912). The Japanese developed Hokkaido to gain access to its coal as well as to strategically defend the country against Russia. The indigenous population are the Ainu, who finally received official recognition in 2008. The Island’s main city of Sapporo is built on a grid like New York, and is easy to navigate.

Plymouth Strawberry Thief

William Morris, Tudor Rose, 1883, used to upholster British nuclear submarine interiors

Last week saw the first Nuclear Culture site visit to the HMS Courageous in Plymouth. Artists Nick Crowe, Ian Rawlinson and Susan Schuppli as well as curators Ele Carpenter and Lucia Garavaglia spent an eventful couple of days in Plymouth, a beautiful city full of palm trees and sea views. As well as being immersed in the Cold War logic of nuclear submarines, the trip provided an opportunity to get a quick overview of contemporary art in Plymouth and the culture of the city.


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