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Nuclear Culture Reading Group

Andy Weir, Deep Time Contagion, 2012.

The Spring 2015 Nuclear Culture Reading group at Goldsmiths College will investigate how the nuclear affects our experience and perception of deep time within the Anthropocene from radioactive markers in the environment to geological waste storage. The sessions led by Ele Carpenter, include reading texts, films and artworks exploring radiation as a hyperobject, a material trace, a geological marker and semiotic challenge.

Visualising Radioactive Waste Storage

Posters by Cecile Massart. InSOTEC, Berlin 2013.

The InSOTEC Seminar on 'Rethinking what is Social and What is Technical in (Long term) Radioactive Waste Management' took place in Berlin, 12-13 November 2013. The first day included sessions on reversibility and retrievability, siting, demonstrating safety and technology transfer, as well as our panel on 'Visualising radioactive waste management as a socio-technical challenge' with myself, Ele Carpenter, and artists Lise Autogena and Cecile Massart.

Field Note 1: Sapporo

Photograph by Takashi Noguchi

Sapporo is a modern city on the Japanese north Island of Hokkaido founded in the Meiji period of Japan's modernization (1886-1912). The Japanese developed Hokkaido to gain access to its coal as well as to strategically defend the country against Russia. The indigenous population are the Ainu, who finally received official recognition in 2008. The Island’s main city of Sapporo is built on a grid like New York, and is easy to navigate.


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