Deconstructing Acceptance

Ele Carpenter will contribute to the workshop on 'Deconstructing acceptance – Siting radioactive waste repositories from societal and scientific perspectives' organized by the Environmental Policy Research Centre, FU Berlin, in the framework of the ENTRIA project (Disposal Options for Radioactive Residues: Interdisciplinary Analyses and Development of Evaluation Principles). The workshop is part of the annual 20th REFORM Group Meeting taking place in Salzburg, August 31 – September 4, 2015, on Climate Protection Policy, Carbon Markets and Sustainability

Ele Carpenter: Gaining acceptance and acceptability through artist involvement.
Several nuclear waste management agencies are working with visual artists and architects to explore the deep time implications of marking sites and embedding knowledge of repositories in a broader culture. How have these approaches changed since the 1960s, and how are contemporary artists responding to the current challenges of waste management and burial? Visual artists are interested in nuclear aesthetics and the deep time implications of the Nuclear Anthropocene to think beyond the human, but how can their work contribute to a wider societal discussion when nuclear industry decisions are still made outside democratic processes? Commissioning art is a long and complex process of negotiation including ethics and the socio-political context: so what are the motivations for inviting artists to engage with this industrial process? What kinds of curatorial knowledge are needed to enable artwork to have its own agency and volition? How are the concerns of instrumentalising art to gain acceptance addressed? What kinds of archives do we want to create for the present and the future, what kinds of stories should they tell, and how should they be funded?