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Darwin Meets Einstein

Recently Frans W. Saris sent me some excerpts from his book, Darwin Meets Einstein: On the Meaning of Science, (Saris, 2009) published by Amsterdam University Press. Frans Saris is atomic and nuclear physicist and science writer in the Netherlands, and has contributed to the Dutch literary journal 'De Gids'. From 1972 - 1980 he worked part time at the Chalk River Nuclear Labs in Ontario Canada; and was Chairman of the board on the Energy-research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) 1996 - 2002.

NEON Dundee

The Goddess of Uranium is Angry. Detail from 'Laboratory for Variable Risk Perception' Ele Carpenter, 2017

The Laboratory for Variable Risk Perception will be showing as part of the Media Archeology exhibition at the NEON Festival in Dundee, Scotland, 9 - 12 November 2017.

Media Archaeology: Excavations exhibition
West Ward Works
Guthrie Street, Dundee, DD1 5BR
Free. Open Fri to Sat 11am to 5pm and Sun 11am to 4pm

Perpetual Uncertainty: Z33

Shimpei Takeda, Trace 7 (2012)

Perpetual Uncertainty:
Art in the Nuclear Anthropocene

Z33, Hasselt, Belgium
September 17 – December 10, 2017
Roundtable: Friday 17 November

Perpetual Uncertainty is an exploration of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene. The exhibition brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA and Japan to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and deep time.

Getting Closer to Deep Time with Kota Takeuchi

Kota Takeuchi, HADES Field trip Selfie, 2016

Kota Takeuchi’s artwork 'Take Stone Monuments Twice' is featured in the Perpetual Uncertainty exhibition. As part of the Nuclear Culture project, Takeuchi took part in the Z33 House of Contemporary Art Nuclear Culture field visit to the HADES underground research laboratory for the storage of high-level radioactive waste in Belgium, as part of his residency at the Arts Catalyst in partnership with S-Air in 2016.


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