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The name of the Atomic Rose

Following the media interest in the political impact of Gabriella Hirst's artwork 'An English Garden'*, an iteration of her 'How to Make a Bomb' rose project, I would like to offer some reflections on the aesthetics and politics of the work and its withdrawal.

Radiation and Covid-19

Go Outside? No Thanks

In March/April 2020 the Nuclear Culture Research Group email list discussed some comparisons between the politics and aesthetics of radiation and the Covid-19 pandemic. The following notes draw on some of this discussion, but bring it up-to-date in terms of asymetrical effects.

Yhonnie Scarce in UK

Yhonnie Scarce was born in Woomera, South Australia, and belongs to the Kokatha and Nukunu peoples. Working with glass, Scarce explores the political nature and aesthetic qualities of the material – in particular corresponding to the crystallisation of desert sand as a result of British nuclear tests on her homeland during 1956-63.


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