Nuclear Culture Update Summer 2019

18th May, 2019
The Photographers Gallery, London, UK 12noon
Janire Najera presents her new book Atomic Ed

Thursday 23rd May
Curating Radiation, Ele Carpenter, Presentation at the Radiation Society Annual Conference, Scarborough.

Thursday 4 July, 2019.
Nuclear Culture Roundtable: Deep Infrastructures & Deep Time Knowledge Transferal. Neuhaus, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Departing from central issues of the Nuclear Anthropocene, the Nuclear Culture Roundtable will address issues of dealing with nuclear waste, the difficulty of communicating and marking contaminated sites for future generations, and challenges of designing infrastructures for the deep time future. From rethinking nuclear heritage, biological citizenship and the stability of human knowledge at large, to dealing with the specific situation of nuclear waste management in the Netherlands, the discussion will navigate across different timescales, ecologies and geopolitical regimes of nuclear matter.
The Nuclear Culture Roundtables bring together artists, designers, architects, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists along with nuclear agencies, scientists, stakeholders and NGOs. The first Netherlands-based round table discussion will take place in the context of the Neuhaus programme for more-than-human knowledge at Het Nieuwe Instituut, and is organized in collaboration with Z33, House for Contemporary Art.

Saturday 6 July, 2019.
Sculpture as Fieldworks, Leeds City Art Gallery, UK,

Tuesday 22 October, 2019
Decolonising the Nuclear
Gabrielle Hecht, Public Lecture, Goldsmiths University of London.
Nuclear Culture Research Group Workshop on nuclear de/coloniality.

5th September, 2019
Erika Kobayashi opens at Yamamoto Keiko Rochax Gallery in London.