Konstall C: Raw/Rå

OPTION ,Per Hasselberg, Galleri Index. Photo: Mats Stjernstedt
OPTION, Per Hasselberg, Galleri Index. Photo: Mats Stjernstedt

Konstall C, in Farsta, Sweden is currently presenting Raw/Rå a series of artists films, a radio show, discussions and workshops about uranium, energy democracy and the commons.

Konsthall C, began 2014 with AFTONSKOLAN KC’s (The Night School KC's) theme Raw/Rå concerning energy and the extraction of raw material. They are now focusing on uranium. They remind us that Konsthall C is located in Farsta the location of Sweden's first nuclear power plant, owned by the company Vattenfall and is called R3, or Adam, or Ågesta thermal nuclear power plant. It is now closed down, but it was active between 1963–1974 . In the end of January Konsthall C presented two films about the ongoing disaster at the nuclear plant of Fukushima, The Safest Power Plant In The World by Maj Wecheselmann and The Radiant by The Otolith Group.

Raw/Rå will continue during February. If you missed the film by Maj Wechselmann, The Safest Power Plant In The World, you still have a chance in a video corner at Konsthall C. The PANNRUMMET (the boiler room) is activated by artist Per Hasselberg with the artwork OPTION, orbiting around the heavy water reactor R3 in Ågesta which served the entire Atomic City of Farsta with heating. Events include: A talk by Sköld Peter Matthis, who in 2002 co-founded the Network Against War, who will share his thoughts on depleted uranium. Crypto Party 4 is organizing a workshop on network security. Radio waves, as usual, encounter no boundaries CENTRIFUG RADIO POPULÄR continues broadcasting on Tuesdays during February, on 95.3 Mhz 1 pm—3 pm.

HÖKARÄNGSARKIVET (THE HÖKARÄNGEN ARCHIVE) is a remedy against a loss or lack of history, institutional, local and a much larger one. John Håkansson's exhibition From Hökarängen to Hötorgscity – Architect David Helldén (2005) is exhibited in Hökarängssalen in Söderledskyrkan until March 31st, 2014.

For details see: www.konsthallc.se

Film screenings and talks include:

The Safest Power Plant In The World by Maj Wechselmann, 2013, 1 hr 17 min.
"The truth about the nuclear accident in Fukushima arrived long after the three meltdowns had contaminated large parts of Fukushima Prefecture. To begin with only 70,000 people were evacuated, but until today more than 150,000 people have been forced to move. Cities and areas outside the evacuation areas amounts radiation levels up to 100 times above normal. At nurseries protection made of water bottles and ledpanels are built and children and elderly must stay indoors. The film follows the tracks of the Japanese government report. A report that is astoundingly critical and claims that TEPCO (Tokyo Electrical Power Company) ignored the most basic safety requirements, which led to the disaster. And how nonchalant are the Swedish nuclear power plants? The filmmakers have made their own stress test..." (from the website of Folkets Bio).
OPTION, 2005, by Per Hasselberg.
The film raises the issue of energy, democracy and Sweden's relation to nuclear power and the bomb. The Ågesta power plant in the Atomic City of  Farsta sums up an era in our history that is still topical. The work consists of a filmed conversation between the artist and the former Minister of Culture, Bengt Göransson, who in 1958 was chairman at the congress where the atomic bomb issue threatened to split The Social democrats, as well as a taped conversation with journalist Christer Larsson, who in 1985 held former Prime Minister Olof Palme accountable for the Swedish nuclear program. (see photo above).
AFTONSKOLAN KC (THE EVENING SCHOOL KC) Raw/Rå. The Potential of Communities and Commons. 20th Feb.
Samira Ariadad lectures at Konsthall C, about our need for communities. An introduction to the meaning of commons, how they have been organized historically and what role they can have in power leveling and for socially and ecologically sustainable communities today and in the future. Samira Ariadad is editor of Brand magazine, writer and philosophy student, author of the chapter To reconstruct the common rooms in the anthology After Work – farewell to the working line.
TALK 27th Feb: Sköld Peter Matthis, Depleted Uranium – radiation damages/injuries for 1000 years. Talk with the doctor and the first FNL-activist Sköld Peter Matthis.