Uranium Film Festival

The International Uranium Film Festival has travelled from India to Berlin and opens at MAM in Rio de Janeiro May 16-26th 2013.

It's about time we invited them to London!

"The International Uranium Film Festival is dedicated to films about the whole nuclear fuel chain and radioactivity: Uranium mining, nuclear power plants, atomic bombs, nuclear waste, radioactive risks, nuclear medicine, Hiroshima, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima. From Einstein to Fukushima.

Knowing about the risks of nuclear power is important for decision making today and in future. And films are the best way to bring information to the people. There are many important documentaries and movies about nuclear issues that never reached the mass media. Our Uranium Film Festival gives these films and filmmakers an international audience and media attention. Independent information is the base for independent decisions. Some Governments like in Italy or Germany decided to phase-out nuclear power. Some Governments like in Brazil or India are investing in new nuclear power plants. Independent information is the base for independent decisions. The festival stimulates the discussion about the nuclear question and stimulates the production of new documentaries, movies and animated films about any nuclear or radioactive issue. In addition the Uranium Film Festival creates a neutral space to throw light on all nuclear issues Societies and peoples have the right of choice if they want to follow the nuclear road or not."