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Nuclear Semiotics

A tunnel of Grimsel (Switzerland) laboratory where explorations are carried out for constructing a deep geological repository.

The relationship between time and space is often discussed in relation to art. But recent reflections on time have started to focus on 'Deep Time' or geologic time, a concept which stretches before and after a human perception of time. Of course geologists and deep space astronomers have always been concerned with deep time, but maybe there's a renewed sense of our fragility on earth as the reality of the human impact on the earth's geological structure and ecosystem starts to sink in.

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Astute Class Nuclear Submarine

Thanks Lisa for setting me up with a basic blog. We're using Drupal and open-source software content management system. The site is part of several research processes which intersect in different ways. Technically it's part of Lisa Haskell's research into the small-scale development of content management systems for community organisations.


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